Fanphone is dedicated to the technical complementation for companies linked to the world of entertainment and events. Composed by sound professionals it offers comprehensive services and solutions dedicated to sound matter.



We do not speak only of projects, carefully we combine passion, creativity and advanced technology with a unique commitment: to achieve new goals.

Our services are designed to meet the different needs of companies, including provision of qualified personnel, technical complementation, dedicated services or even a comprehensive management.

However, we take care of the sound in its most artistic vertens working together with musicians and groups in different phases of their project.

  • Technical Production: trust

    We identify the project needs to study and propose the best technical solutions for the events realization.

    Study of the proposal, identification of needs, 3D design, technical production, resource management, logistics.

  • Technical complementation: the essence

    We use all our knowledge to adapt ourselves to the dynamics of each situation, level and dimension, making a careful work.

    P.A technical assistance and monitoring, own material for a technical complementation, live multitrack recording, corporative audio, rentals, dedicated services, comprehensive support of the event.

  • Specialization: Quality

    We prioritize quality and excellence. In the process is always involved a prepared team working with material that combines the best technical features to fulfill the highest expectations.

    Sound specialization, use of leading brands, worldwide acceptance of the material ( "riderfriendly"), new technologies.


Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are happy to assist you.

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Timetable: Mon.-Fri. 09:00-13:00h / 15:00-17:00h
Summer timetable (1 to 31 of August): Mon.-Fri. 08:00-15:00h

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